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Mercy Works relies on the generous support of donors to carry out its work improving health, education and social well-being. For the past two years, our biggest supporter in Papua New Guinea, the Old-DART Foundation, has been quietly and consistently helping us to improve lives.

The literal definition of the Greek derived word philanthropy is ‘love for humankind’ in the sense of caring, developing and enriching what it means to be human. Not to be confused with the term, ‘charity’ (although the two words are regularly used interchangeably), philanthropy is much more long-term, more strategic and focused on rebuilding – the difference between the proverbial gift of a fish to a hungry person as opposed to teaching them how to fish.

The Old-DART Foundation, based in London, UK, is one such philanthropic organisation. By supporting initiatives that improve health, literacy and education across six countries spanning Peru to Papua New Guinea, the Old-DART foundation is creating sustainable and transformative change in impoverished communities.

In 2015, The Old-DART became one of Mercy Works’ major partners in Papua New Guinea. With their support, we’re not just building classrooms, we’re also educating men and women to teach in them.

Earlier this year, Sr Anne Foale, our Coordinator for Overseas Projects, travelled with several of the Foundation’s Directors to visit the extensive number of projects they fund and witnessed first-hand the life-changing effect our combined efforts are having on the lives of people in remote Papua New Guinea.

Some of our projects currently funded by the Old-DART include:
• Two dormitories which will house 200 male and female students at St Gabriel’s Technical
College in Kiunga
• One dormitory which will house 80 female students at Maria Hilf Vocational Training Centre in Kainantu
• One dormitory which will house 80 male and female students at Fatima Secondary School in Mt Hagen
• The complete renovation of one dormitory at the Mercy Secondary Girls’ School in Yarapos
• The building of two classrooms and four teacher’s houses at Lower Bamu
• The purchase of two school buses for the safe transport of students at St Gabriel’s Technical College, Kiunga
• Training, capacity building and ongoing support for teachers in Port Moresby and Mt Hagen, East Sepik Province
• Mobile training programs for youths in Port Moresby
• Close to 100 full scholarships for financially underprivileged tertiary students.




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