The Bilum – past issues

Cover image of The Bilum Dec 2016
Dec 2016
In this issue:
Strong women
Agents for change
Papua New Guinea: Nurturing education

Cover image of The Bilum June 2016
June 2016
In this issue:
Growing enduring partnerships
Mercy Connect: The power or partnerships
Timor-Leste: Beyond bricks and mortar
Papua New Guinea: Broad Horizon & Fair Weather friend
Australia: Refugee support - Learning to get involved

Cover image of The Bilum Dec 2015
Dec 2015
In this issue:
The leading role of education
Timor-Leste: Grace and courtesy in Maliana
Papua New Guinea: An educational journey & A safe place to rest
Australia: Learning to get involved, Sowing seeds and reaping benefits & A lesson in determination

Cover image of The Bilum June 2015
June 2015
In this issue:
Scoring goals (United Nations Development Program targets)
Major new education program in PNG
Timor-Leste: Supporting education
Papua New Guinea: As the times fly by
Australia: The power of information

Cover image of The Bilum Dec 2014
Dec 2014
In this issue:
Helping people meet the challenge of change
Man tu i ken mekim (man can do it too)
Timor-Leste: Life Lessons in Maliana
Papua New Guinea: Helping students sleep more easily

Cover image of The Bilum June 2014
June 2014
In this issue:
Enabling participation in education
Timor-Leste: our man in Fohorem
Papua New Guinea: leading by example
Australia: providing a warm welcome

Cover image of The Bilum Dec 2013
Dec 2013
In this issue:
Human Rights across the world
Compassion: our animating principle
Papua New Guinea – Taking steps to combat rage
Addressing isolation (Australia)

Cover image of The Bilum June 2013
June 2013
In this issue:
One story in a million: an interview with a young refugee in Australia
Cultural enrichment (Australia)
It takes a village (PNG)
First find your site… (Timor-Leste)

Cover image of The Bilum Dec 2012
Dec 2012
In this issue:
Building Education from the ground up in Timor Leste
Papua New Guinea: First impressions
Responding to the Fly River flood (PNG)
Kindness Advancing Education and Health (PNG)

Cover image of The Bilum June 2012
June 2012
In this issue:
Addressing Maternal Health in PNG
Child Labour - the taxi boys of Mt Hagen
Moving to Maliana - education in Timor-Leste
Standing on their own two feet – Notre Dame Institute of Education in Karachi

Cover image of The Bilum Dec 2011
December 2011
In this issue:
Early Learning Centres in Timor-Leste
World Refugee Day in Kiunga, PNG
Building Capacity in the PNG Highlands
A vision of Mercy: Rosemary Carroll reflects on her time with Mercy Works

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