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Learning to give

Last year, students from 72 primary and high schools across Australia supported Mercy Works by holding numerous group and individual fundraising events which raised an impressive $119,621 for our projects.

We send our children to school to learn. And sometimes, that learning involves not only reading and writing but also about giving back. From lemonade stalls to walk-a-thons, students work hard to raise funds for projects they believe in.

Students plan and run the fundraising activities themselves — a feat that no doubt many adults would hesitate to undertake. Mercy Works is incredibly thankful that so many schools have chosen to support us as their organisation of choice. Each year, students are establishing what we hope will be a lifelong interest in helping others and their compassion and interest in helping impoverished communities speaks well of our next generation of leaders.

Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta NSW

Tiana Gebrael, a Year 10 student at OLMC Parramatta, recently held a sweet stall for the purpose of raising funds for our projects. With the help of her mother, she baked and sold the delicious Middle-Eastern dessert, ‘Kanefeh’ raising a staggering $1,060! Tiana was moved to hold this fundraiser after hearing about the hardship faced by people in developing countries.

“I feel these people are so grateful for anything that comes their way, whereas we don’t always appreciate all the luxuries that we have. As a result, I really wanted to do something that could help to make their lives the slightest bit better”.

Merici College, Braddon ACT

Late last year, students from Balgo House at Merici College shared their time and talents by undertaking fundraising initiatives for Mercy Works. The students ran a lemonade stand, nail polish station and cupcake stall which raised an impressive $875 specifically designated for
our Bathurst Island Pre-School project. As a token of their appreciation, the Balgo House students were sent drawings, letters and shells with Indigenous paintings by the students and staff at the pre-school.

Merici College takes pride in its partnership with Mercy Works not only due to the students’ willingness to help needy communities but because of the history of Balgo House, where the Sisters of Mercy travelled to the remote Indigenous community of Balgo in WA, to help educate the youth and provide welfare to the community.

OLMC Heidelberg, VIC

Students at Our Lady of Mercy College in Heidelberg, Victoria held a Mercy Day fundraising event last year which involved hosting a number of activities such as a crazy hair stall, disco, inflatable obstacle course and a sausage sizzle. The day was a huge success and raised $5,881 for our projects.

House Captains Mikaela Whitty and Laura Pozzobon said that it was also a “day to come together with other students and staff and reflect what mercy means to us while also allowing us to go home to feel good about ourselves for how we’ve helped”.

Sacred Heart College, Kyneton VIC

The decision to support Mercy Works can sometimes come from an individual student as opposed to an entire year group or school.
Year 9 students at Sacred Heart College in Kyneton hold an annual Expo with the intention of giving students the opportunity to explore their strengths through the creation of a long term project. The Expo also allows students to use their project to raise money for a charity of their choice. At the school’s most recent Expo, Niamh Sutton chose to look at the 10 years since the “Closing the Gap” strategy was introduced and through her research discovered that Mercy Works is a strong supporter of this government strategy.

As a result, she held an information stall which included a plant stall whereby Geraniums, Pigface and Lupins were sold. Niamh had propagated the plants herself and raised an inspiring amount of $350 for our Indigenous pre-school projects.



Right across Australia, school children generously raise funds to support our projects.
We would like to extend our deep appreciation to all the schools that have helped raise this incredible amount from January to December 2016.




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