“The poor need our help today, not next week”
Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy

Through our work with the most challenged people in Australia and the South-East Asia Pacific, everyone at Mercy Works is continually reminded of these words from Catherine McAuley. We support long term development projects that engage in partnerships with communities. The needs of people who are denied access to basic resources like education, health care and social welfare are often urgent. However for sustainable change, it’s important that they make informed decisions about their future and play a driving role in determining the support they receive. For that reason, we only respond to requests for help – we never impose what help we might think people need. That is the only way to foster meaningful and enduring change in people lives.

Across our region of the world there are so many people living in desperate circumstances. We believe it is our duty to do something to help today and every day – to make, as Catherine McAuley also said, “some lasting efforts for the relief of the poor and suffering.”

Ailsa Mackinnon RSM AM
Executive Director, Mercy Works

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